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The LeaderBoard Experience 

This Event Sells the Next One

This won’t be your last event. You want all your sponsors to be repeat customers, and new ones to line up and sign on. Running a great event this time is the best way to sell your next one. Your great product and execution will help that happen. Using LeaderBoard tournament golf scoring software for your event is a great way to professionalize the event, enhance relationships, and offer your sponsors the best experience possible.

Check out our Real-Time Scoring Option with VPAR



Organization and Management – Custom Event Experience. Scrolling player pairings at registration, systematic check-in, computerized scoring with multiple format options, custom designed signage, scorecards, and more.


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Recognizing Sponsors – Sponsors want exposure to your audience. The Leaderboard System displays Sponsor Messages, Logos, and Advertisements at your event – creating new and unique sponsorship opportunities.


Entertaining Guests – What is your event “WOW” Factor. Photos, Videos, Golf Scores, and Advertisements all displayed in the clubhouse on the tournament Leaderboard for all your guests to see and enjoy!


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For your Tournament Customers

What is special about LeaderBoard is our innovation Tournament Golf Scoring Software system.  This allows our licensees to take ordinary activities that already occur at most events and make them entertaining, sponsorable and profitable.


Leaderboard works with 400+ events annually, contact us to learn more about this LeaderBoard Experience!