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What is LeaderBoard?

LeaderBoard is a sophisticated golf tournament scoring, administration and entertainment software company that combines proven marketing techniques in the business of tournament golf. Through a network of partners around the country we provide technology for golf tournaments which enhances the experience for sponsors, golfers and helps organizers professionalize their event. Our experience and expertise is validated by over 10,000 golf events and 14 years in business.


What services will LeaderBoard offer your event?

The LeaderBoard representative will provide some combination of the following services to a tournament:
• Consultation on tournament procedures and scoring formula.
• Specified general administration services.
• Consultation on sponsorship and fundraising opportunities.
• Coordination of registration and handicap management.
• Initial pairing creation and last-minute fine-tuning of the draw.
• Sponsor and advertiser logo integration.
• Printing of customized scorecards, bag tags, cart signs, tee-off sheets.
• Dynamic display of tee times, hole assignments and pairing at registration.
• Score tabulation and presentation – screens and printed format.
• Side game administration (skins, deuce pots, etc.)
• Sponsorship and advertising exposure at banquet.
• The acquisition of promotional products and tee gifts.
• Digital photography integrated into the entertainment presentation.


What type of scoring formats does LeaderBoard offer?

LeaderBoard tournament golf scoring software can calculate a wide variety of golf formats, from scrambles, best ball, split scrambles, quota point member guest and variable best balls. Although scrambles are the most popular for charity golf tournaments contact us to find out more about other golf formats that might fit your event.


What types of events does LeaderBoard get involved with?

Over the last 14 years, LeaderBoard has been involved with PGA, LPGA, Champions Tour, Corporate, Member Guest and Charity Events.


What is LeaderBoard’s role prior to the event?

LeaderBoard will meet with the tournament golf committee and review details such as tournament sponsorship, format of play, logistics and how our services may compliment your event.


What is LeaderBoard’s impact on tournament day?

LeaderBoard brings a “Wow Factor’ to your tournament which includes electronic signage displaying player pairings, promoting sponsors, tournament results, photos and video. Using LeaderBoard scanable scorecards or our handheld scorepads, scoring is completed quickly, 100% accurate and live in front of your golfers.


What is LeaderBoard’s role after the event?

We offer a post event consultation that will identify area of opportunity for future revenue potential and review tournaments logistics.


How does LeaderBoard charge for services?

Depending on the type of event, we charge a fee based on the scope of services and products offered.


What if there is no LeaderBoard representative in my area?

LeaderBoard can travel anywhere in the world with our scoring and consulting services. Please contact us for more information. If you are interested in learning more about the LeaderBoard Golf Scoring License Opportunity please fill out the following contact form or call us at 214-550-5004.