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There are situations where you need fast money. For example, if the pet is sick and you have to pay for surgery, but it’s not fluid. In such situations, an instant loan can help you. There are numerous providers on the Internet who offer such an instant loan. All you have to do is fill out the online application form and, if you have given everything correctly, you will receive a confirmation within a very short time. Many banks also offer an express transfer, so you have the money in your account within 30 minutes. Such a loan can be obtained at short notice if you meet certain requirements. An explanation over at

What requirements do you have to meet if you want to get an instant loan?

What requirements do you have to meet if you want to get an instant loan?

The most important requirement is always that you have a monthly fixed income available. Here, banks demand different levels of income. Some banks are worth 500 euros a month, others require up to 1500 euros net. So it is even possible for students who earn a little bit on a monthly and regular basis to get a loan.

Рit also, it is important that you have a zone checking account with Wertsen Bank from which your monthly payments will be paid. At which bank this giro account is insignificant. Also, you need proof of the monthly income. So you can submit account statements or payroll for the last three months, or over the period required by the respective bank.

Many banks also require that you have a main residence in Germany.

One thing to keep in mind though. Not everyone gets an instant loan. For example, if you have made a sworn statement, you have almost no chance of lending money to anyone. Here is also a chance at an instant loan.

If a bailiff’s visit threatens you should definitely repost your debts with a loan so you will never find yourself in the embarrassment of meeting a bailiff, because once you have sworn an affidavit, it is very unlikely that you will ever get a loan again to get.

Instant loans are also available without credit bureau!

Instant loans are also available without credit bureau!

Many banks also offer an instant loan without informing the credit bureau, because they do not cooperate with the credit bureau. These banks conduct their own risk assessment based on your information and documents. These banks use their own experience to gauge how likely it is that you pay back the loan.

You are a student in the second semester, live with your parents and earn 500 Euro per month? Here, the bank may decide that it is likely that you can pay 2000 euros over the next 2 years and lend money to a new computer.

You work full-time, earn 1000 euros net a month, pay 500 euros a month. Here, the bank is likely to grant only a small credit line, since you finally need money to live.

It is therefore advisable to put yourself in the position of the bank before applying for an instant loan and to think about whether you would lend yourself money, and if so how much, under the preconditions you bring with you. Because if the bank has the impression that you are reasonable, the likelihood that it lends money increases.

Does it always make sense to get an instant loan without credit bureau?

Does it always make sense to get an instant loan without credit bureau?

No! If you have the opportunity to get money from your house bank, you should exhaust this first. Sometimes it makes sense to borrow money from relatives and friends. Instant loans without credit bureau are usually much more expensive than normal consumer loans, as the default risk for the banks is very high.

An instant loan without credit bureau makes sense only if you no longer get money from your house bank and an emergency exists, just as a sick pet is undergoing surgery, or the car needs repairing.

5 tips on instant loans

5 tips on instant loans

Tip 1 – Compare the offers

To quickly get an instant loan, you should first compare all offers well together. That’s the only way to make sure you get the best and, most importantly, cheapest offer. One must pay attention to the amount, the duration and also the installments for an instant loan.

Of course, it also plays an important role in the offer, as this can be eradicated. The fees must also be taken into account in the respective offers. Furthermore, you should compare, if you can take a break. It’s worth it if you look a little bit into the future when planning, so that you can adjust to the events.

Tip 2 – The right supplier

If you need an instant loan you should bet on the right provider. Important at this point is a high seriousness. Only then can you get the loan and you can rest assured that there are no hidden costs. It is best if you rely on familiar names. For example, one should rely on large banks or the Sparkasse.

Other donors may well be considered. However, they should preferably be based in and regulated by the EU. In this way you can be sure that the loan will be paid out. From unserious savings offers from the Internet you should refrain in any case.

Tip 3 – Attach all documents

So that you can get an instant loan as quickly as possible, it is important that you send all the necessary documents. Which documents are needed in detail depends on the respective lender. Most, however, require a copy of the identity card, as well as confirmation of income in the form of a salary statement.

Also, any evidence of collateral, such as a land register entry may require the lender. It is advisable if you send such documents directly with the application as an attachment. In this way, the instant loan can be processed quickly and the award is much faster.

Tip 4 – Calculate the loan

Especially important with an instant loan is that you calculate this correctly. This applies to both the amount and the term. You should choose the loan only in the amount in which you actually need it. Also, one should consider whether the loan amount is actually paid. This is not true in every case. If necessary, you also have to plan whether you need a few financial reserves. This also plays an important role in the amount of the loan.

Furthermore, you have to plan the runtime correctly. It is important that you do not lose track. You should usually choose a more generous runtime. Thus, the rates for the loan are not too high, so you do not put additional pressure. It’s easier to make a special repayment than to get out of arrears.

Tip 5 – Make the application correct

Of course, to get an instant loan, you have to put the application right. In many cases, this can be done conveniently via the Internet. There are different input masks available. Important at this point is that avoids careless mistakes. It is therefore advisable to take a little time to apply.

Even a re-reading of the information is highly recommended. You should check both the completeness and the accuracy of the information. Typos and spelling mistakes should definitely be avoided.

Furthermore, when applying for the instant loan, it is important that the information provided is true. In this way, one can significantly increase the chances of obtaining a loan.


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