Now take out a loan – but choose carefully

Now it’s really worth looking at personal loan interest rates: there are almost unrealistic differences between offers.

For one million forints, the difference between the most advantageous and the most expensive interest can be as much as half a million forints at the moment – you have to pay that much less if you choose the lowest interest rate and the best bid.

Interest rates plummeted


We are also finding some very good credit facilities on the personal loan line, which is expected to increase interest in loans. Many offers have one-digit (below 10%) interest rates.

Of course, what the APR is is not insignificant, as it shows all of our costs, including the interest involved in borrowing. While APRs were typically above 20% a few years ago, personal loans are now offered for half. There is already a 9% full-cost personal loan on the market – a few years ago, such a rate would have been extremely low.

Of course, the end result depends on several factors, one of which is the maturity. The longer the term you choose, the more personal loan will cost. Financial institutions will pay you a cheaper loan if you see the amount credited soon.

Clients are being gathered in other fields as well

Clients are being gathered in other fields as well

Many banks offer discounts on online credit management – it’s like self-service payment in stores when you don’t book the cashier.

The best deals are good to know, in many cases they are for “good customers” and are available under highly filtering conditions. For example, it may be a condition that our payment, which must reach a level, is kept on a current account with that bank.

Set the minimum number of transactions per month


The financial institution can even set the minimum number of transactions per month that must be in our account. It all generates revenue for the bank account. This requires some computation: whether we are better off with the particular construction or the bank.

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